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For the past ten years it has been our privilege to journey with you, our fellow sojourners. Whether over a meal, listening to words of hope and inspiration, or sitting together in silence aware of the Presence of God within and among us, we have been blessed by your presence and by your faithful search. Our lives are richer because of you. May the Lumen Center continue to shed light on your path.
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Welcome to the

Lumen Center
We invite those who desire to deepen their relationship with God to join us in prayer, study, and action grounded in the contemplation of God, of justice, and of the sacredness of the earth.

The Lumen Center: a concept in spiritual programming.
  • More than a site or a destination
  • The hub of a changing spectrum of events and services
  • Centered at the Caldwell Dominican Motherhouse
  • Radiating out to any location of your choosing.
  • Sponsored by the Sisters of St. Dominic, Caldwell, NJ